Interview with Kerry Petsinger, Physical Therapist

Down the hall in treatment room No. 3, physical therapist Kerry Petsinger is doing what she loves.

interviewAsk her what is her favorite part of being a physical therapist and she takes more than a moment to answer. It’s a difficult question — she likes it all. Ask her what her least favorite thing is and it takes less than a second to answer. It’s an easy question and answer — paperwork.

“I’d rather be working with people,” she said. “I always knew I wanted to go into the health care field.”

In college, she job-shadowed several professionals in health …

5 Steps to Becoming a Physical Therapist

Physical TherapistBecoming a physical therapist is a brave decision. It is brave because it is different from the popular choices of becoming a doctor or an engineer, a sportsperson or a musician. Having said that, the profession of physical therapy is no less lucrative compared to others and a good physical therapist can make a lot of money. Besides, a physical therapist has the ability to bring about a genuine change in others’ lives. This could be by restoring the daily life activities of a child with delayed developments, helping out a pregnant woman during her stress periods, helping seriously …

Physical Therapist Career Advice

Are you curious about what life is like as a physical therapist? Do you think you have what it takes to become an outstanding therapist in the field of physical therapy?

career tipsThere’s no getting away from the fact that a career in physical therapy is both emotionally and physically demanding. Often, physical therapists see patients after traumatic injuries sustained in sports mishaps, car crashes, or other types of accidents. The emotional strain of working with people who are frustrated at their newly limited abilities can take its toll.

As a physical therapist you must use your own strength to gait

Rehabilitation and the Role of Physical Therapy

RehabilitationRehabilitation, in the simplest terms, means to get back to normal, restoring a quality of life which is considered safe and standard. Rehabilitation is the process of a patient recovering from a serious illness or injury and getting back to a stage where he or she is independent and can function without others’ help. Whether it is rehabilitation after a serious disease like cancer, sports injury, accident or substance abuse, physical therapy plays a major role in getting the patient back to normal.

Basic rehabilitation center

A basic rehabilitation center usually consists of simple exercise equipment like stationary exercise bikes, …